A Night to Remember with Menulog

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Have a get together with your cousins and friends and serve them their favorite food from their favorite restaurants and cafes with Menulog coupon codes. Because these fun filled cherished moments are worth going for making everyone part of the gathering with the vest comfort level.

You can easily get 10% off Menulog discount and voucher code to make life happening with great food.

We are a grand family. All our relatives are extremely close to each other. Only, cousins of my age are 20 plus in number. When we were kids, we all used to have so much fun staying late night at each other’s places. We used to have so much fun back then. But then because of our busy routine lives, we don’t hang out much and it had been so long we haven’t spent time with each other.

We all seemed extremely frustrated with our tough routines. Everyone wanted to have a break from all this. Therefore, last month I invited all my cousins for a night stay at my place. Out of 25, 18 confirmed their presence. We decided to have dinner together and stay up whole night to do the fun part which was missing from our lives.

I made all the arrangements but food’s preparation was not completed yet. First, I decided to cook food for everybody but then everyone have their unique choices when it comes to food. Plus, it would be very hectic to cook for everybody and then I will not be able to spend time with them.


Finally, I ended up with one super amazing idea. I decided when the guests will arrive; I am going to order food according to their choices from their aspired restaurants. But then it was difficult to call 7 to 9 restaurants at a time. Then one of my cousins told me about Menulog Australia. It is a best restaurant finder in Australia where you can order from your favorite restaurants by just making a few clicks on your mobile devices.

That day when my cousins came to my place, I asked from each and every one of them, the food they want to have. I found discounts varying according to the restaurants. I used Menulog discount codes on checkout through which I got to save a lot. Everyone ordered something different and it was not a hectic task because Menulog’s mobile app is simple and easy to use. After the dinner, we played lots of games, gossiped whole night and also went to the beach to watch sunrise in the morning.

The night was spent in the most awesome manner with tempting food and the best company. No doubt, Menulog played its major part in making it memorable.

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